Fabricating Function with Style.


PCI's ability to furnish a complete bid package mitigates the hassle of multiple sub contractors and maintains a consistent quality of work. Our custom software can transform your drawings to finished ideas so that you and your client will know what the final product will look like before it’s built. We provide the product at the right time, on time.

Estimating Consulation


Providing accurate project estimates is one of the most complex and important aspects of a successful project. Thirty-seven years of business with a single owner allows us to draw from past experience and provide maximum refinement of our pricing structures. Our estimators use their attention to detail, quality calculations, and savvy common sense and combine it with our custom software to provide bid results that meet our industry's exacting standards.

Design and Engineering


Pacific Cabinets believes guiding customers through pre-design considerations saves time, matches the specified product with client’s needs, and makes casework and millwork part of the budget solution rather than part of the problem. We design products to allow easy coordination with electricians, plumbers, and other trades that are integral in the construction project. Be confident that the final design will integrate itself with the entire project.

The architect or contractor can now:

  • Show the client the innovative results of using leading edge designs and materials before they are produced
  • Visually demonstrate the effects of colors, designs, and materials
  • Save valuable time by eliminating changes due to misconceptions of the final design
  • Gain new markets by working with Pacific Cabinets Inc. and taking advantage of this service

Project Management


Client service means providing a hassle free relationship for contractors and architects. By furnishing a complete bid package, coordinating our cabinets with other trades, and supplying accurate, legible shop drawings, we can help bring your project in on time and on budget. Our knowledgeable project managers have the expertise to make quick and accurate decisions when time matters.



State-of-the-art technology is evident throughout the manufacturing plant. Factory machines produce efficient production cycles, unique designs, and the ability to meet exacting specifications. Plant layout provides the efficiency and flexibility to handle multiple fast track orders simultaneously. This allows PCI to competitively produce premium work for any size project.

See us in action.

PCI has developed a state of the art cost accounting system integrating costs for marketing, engineering and production/ installation efforts. The system allows the firm to equitably price their superior work product for their customers and stakeholders.

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